Benefits of Tinting

Benefits of Tinting

Enhanced Appearance and Protection.
Whether it’s a modern look or a desired uniform style, there are a range of window film choices that can aesthetically enhance your home, office or car’s exterior. All our window film products, whether for residential / commercial or automotive applications, contain the highest levels of UV protection, rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
Reduce Glare
Excessive glare from the sun is one of the most common complaints we hear and one that is easily remedied by the installation of the correct window film. Reduced glare means less strain on the eyes and increased visual comfort when viewing daytime television, working at your computer, and displaying your merchandise for customers.
Increased Privacy.
With decorative and privacy films you can subtly change the look of your home, office, or retail space while giving you a level of privacy to suit your tastes. Privacy films are an effective way to provide additional privacy for office workers while continuing to offer a natural view of the outside.
Improve your home’s safety
Window tinting transforms your normal glass into safety glass, film on windows can prevent many of the injuries associated with broken glass, this is a fantastic feature for people with small children. It is also a deterrent for intruders as glass becomes much harder to break.
Not Only for Automobiles
When thinking of window film, we all know about tinting our cars, which has been around for almost as long as there have been cars. Everyone wants to reduce the glare encountered when driving and protect the vehicle’s interior. As we drive around town we always see companies advertising automobile window tinting, but did you ever think that the same kind of product might bring advantages to your building.
Energy Conservation
One of the major benefits of window film is its ability to reject a majority of the damaging UV rays. These rays not only impact your skin, but they are also a significant cause of fading of vehicle and home interiors. An additional benefit of window film is its ability to reject solar energy also known as heat. The combined heat and UV ray rejection causes the fading process to slow. By reducing the two primary causes of fading, the life of both vehicle interiors and home interiors is extended.
Protect Against Skin Cancer
Standard, unprotected windows allow nearly all of the sun’s harmful UV rays to stream in unchecked, which can damage your skin as if you were outside in the sun. By reducing up to 100.0% of UV rays entering your home, window films act just like a sunscreen, protecting your skin while allowing you to sit comfortably in sunlit areas. In fact, the Skin Cancer Institute now recommends window films as a protection against indoor exposure to harmful UV rays.
Save on Energy Costs
Reducing energy transfer in your home, office, or retail space will result in less work for your cooling and heating system by maintaining even temperatures all year round. This translates into lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs, while increasing comfort.
It’s Fast and Easy
The installation of window film on a building is not as time consuming as some other retrofit improvements you might undertake. Replacing windows to achieve higher energy savings can cost thousands of dollars for the windows alone. Not to mention the installation costs, the invasive practice of removing old windows, installing new windows, as well as the cost of inside and outside window trim replacements.
Temperature Imbalances
Eliminate troublesome temperature imbalances inside your home or building. Those uncomfortable cold or hot zones from shaded or too-sunny areas can be a thing of the past. Johnson Window Films minimizes temperature fluctuations and make your rooms a pleasure to spend time in. You’ll also find that the window film will pay for itself as your utility bills and energy costs are reduced.

Window film can provide up to 82% solar energy rejection versus untreated glass. By controlling the overall unwanted interior heat from the sun, window film helps create a more comfortable driving experience while reducing cooling costs.

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