Measure for Quote

Measure for Quote

If you want a quote without a visit, you can send us the measurements. You can make this process easier by following the below given information.

Please measure each pane of glass, Height x Width. We prefer measurements in cm. If the glass is a fraction of a cm, please go up to the next full cm. (for example, 85.5cm becomes 86cm)
If you have a number of panes of equal size, just mark it x 2 or what the actual number is. For instance, here we have A 600 x 450 x 2, B 450 x 480 x 2, C 1100 x 480.
Always beware of opening windows, the non-opening part might be higher and wider.
When measuring a number of rooms, name them. For example: Kitchen, Dining, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Master Bedroom and so on.
Sometimes it helps if you can send us pictures.

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